Signs your dog loves you

A dog can be a faithful companion that is energetic and lights up your world with its innocent displays of love. The key is to understand when they show their love for you.

Scientists have discovered certain ways dogs display their love for humans. These ways are so subtle that you need to make a special effort to understand that these signs mean love.

So, go through the list and try to look for these signs in your dog.

Looks right into your eyes:

Dogs have this tendency to look right into your eyes maintaining eye contact for some time as you play with it. This happens so naturally and its really pleasing.

It is said that such moments lead to the release of oxytocin which helps mothers to bond with their babies.

Jumps on you when you return:

Dogs miss you when you aren’t there if they love you. So, when you return home even after you’ve gone out running some errands, they jump on you like they have seen you like a year before and then bounce around like a kangaroo.

They don’t consider their size when they do so. This can lead to some bruises too but understand their feeling behind what they do and you’ll understand that these bruises are little marks of love for you.

Sleeping in your bed:

Another way to know your dog loves you is to find when he tries to sleep on to your bed even when you don’t like it. The funniest part is they sleep all over your bed.

This displays of the instincts of the dog packs in the wild as they sleep together feeling safe. If your dog sleeps on your bed or on your side, it shows that he considers you family and feels safe around you.

Brings you his favourite toy:

If he brings you his favourite toy and gives it to you. This is another way dogs show that you are his family.

This time it’s even more as he considers not only that you are his family. But you are more of his leader. So as the rule goes he wants to share the best with the leader of his pack to be his favourite.

So, this was a list for you to sense the love that your dog feels for you. Do let us know how many signs did your dog show.

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